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Maximizing Potential

What do you get from GOVOKASi?

Our objective is to help both  interns and companies grow. By helping interns find the right internship program to help them realize their full potential. 

During the internship, we provide continuous training & coaching to help companies cultivate the interns potential.

Connecting Talents

How We Do it?

Our Right KLIC Methods Will Help To Curate And Choose The Right Candidate For The Companies And To Help The Candidate Develop Their Potential In Their Internship Experience.


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Our Partners in Developing Talents Potential

Who We are

Meet The Team

Stephen Sebastian S.Kom


Anjelica Reisa S.Sn, M.Pd

COO / Co-Founder

Sony Tan

HR Director & Penulis Buku "Milenial & Turnover"

Lisa Sanusi


David Tjokrorahardjo

Business Leadership Coach

Alva Tjenderasa

Strategic Director

Novilia Hamdan

Senior Relationship Manager

three steps to success

Building (PRO)fesional Character

Our interns are continously trained and coached to be the best.


Prime In Contribution

Our interns are coached to focus on contribution before compensation.


Rich In Competencies

Building skills and competencies, to be able to manage bigger challenges.


Open For Collaboration

Intergenerational collaboration to handle complex tasks.

Interns Review


Growing Your Potential

with 10 Years of Experts Experiences

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